Academic and Staff Positions

The Wythe Lab at Baylor College of Medicine favors a cross disciplinary approach to solving key problems in cardiovascular development. Rather than wed ourselves to a singular model system or technique, we attack biological questions from multiple fronts, using gold standard genetic models-such as the mouse, cutting edge imaging techniques, genome-wide analyses, and classical biochemistry.

We have funding and are actively recruiting for people to pursue projects in multiple areas (again, from multiple angles), but are currently seeking expertise in developmental biology (zebrafish or mouse), molecular profiling methods (particularly genomics and proteomics), bioinformatics, and imaging. Our efforts center around the goal of elucidating the key transcriptional and molecular nodes that establish and maintain a functional cardiovascular system.

Baylor College of Medicine (an equal opportunity employer) is located in the heart of the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas. The TMC is a world-class research environment, consisting of more than 40 non-profit institutions, with one of the highest densities of clinical, translational, and basic science research facilities in the world.

Postdoctoral Fellows

If you are passionate about research, creative, motivated to tackle difficult (but essential) problems in cardiovascular biology, and interested in joining our group, please email a single PDF containing:

1) Your CV (no biosketches or resumes, please)                                                                                                     

2) A cover letter explaining your interest in our work (and how you would fit into the group)                          

3) A list of two to four references and their contact information.

Graduate Students

The Wythe Lab accepts rotation students from the following graduate programs:        

Development, Disease Models, & Therapeutics Graduate Program

Genetics & Genomics Graduate Program

If you are in a graduate program at Baylor College of Medicine other than these two, but interested in our research, send me an email. I am sure we can figure something out!

Undergraduate Students

If your institution offers academic credit (such as available at Rice University, University of Houston, or The University of Saint Thomas) or a work-study program, we currently have openings for committed undergraduate students to work on projects that are focused on developing core skills and experience in molecular biology, genetics and development. Students with non-traditional biological research backgrounds (engineering, chemistry, computer programming, bioinformatics) are also encouraged to apply, as we will find a niche for your unique talents (while ensuring that you obtain and master essential wet lab skills, if that is of interest).


Engineer and validate novel genetically modified mouse and zebrafish models to understand blood vessel and heart development during embryogenesis.


Use immunohistochemical staining, live imaging, and cutting edge microscopy to study cell-lineage relationships in the developing mouse and zebrafish embryo.


Contact me at: joshua.wythe AT


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