Aldh1l1-BAC-CreER (Kahk allele)

Alk1-flox (Paul Oh allele)

Apln-CreER/+ (Bin Zhou allele)

Bmx(PAC)-CreERT2 (Adams allele)

Cdh5(PAC)-CreERT2 (Adams allele)

Cdh5-Cre (VEC-Cre) (Speck allele)

Coup-TFII-flox/lacZ (Tsai allele)

Ctnnb1-flox (Beta-catenin flox, Kemler allele)

Ctnnb1-GOF (beta-catenin gain of function, Taketo allele)

cTNT-Cre (Jiao allele)



Dll4-lacZ/+ (Janet Rossant allele)

Dll4-flox (Radtke allele)

EphrinB2-H2B-EGFP/+ (Soriano allele)

EphrinB2-lacZ/+ (Anderson allele)

Flk-EGFP/+ (Rossant allele)

Flk-Flox/+ (Sato allele)

Flk::myr-mCherry (Dickinson allele)

Mef2c-flox/KO/WT (Schwarz Lab)

Myf5-Cre/+ (Soriano Lab)

Nfatc1-Cre ires knock-in (Bin Zhou @ Albert Einstein allele)

Rosa26-LSL-lacZ (Soriano allele)

Rosa26-LSL-CAGGS reporter lines (Ai9/Ai14/mTmG/etc)

Rosa26-LSL-NICD (Melton allele)

Rbpjk-flox and KO (Honjo allele)

Smo-KO/+ (McMahon allele tm1Amc)

Tbx5-Flox/KO (Seidman Allele)

TP1-Venus (Saga allele)

Tie2-Cre (Wang allele)


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